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Gutter Protek is the gutter installation company Long Island trusts.  We are owner-operated and provide high-quality seamless gutter systems built on-site.  Our crew consists of skilled and courteous professionals who will take every detail into consideration.  That includes ensuring the right measurements, the correct pitch, proper technique for installation, and the project cleanup.

Doing the job right and ensuring that your expectations are exceeded from start to finish is our priority!

Why is Your Gutter System Important?

,Your gutters and downspouts have a very important job.  When accurately installed and clear, they ensure the proper distribution of water from the roof down beyond the home’s foundation.  This function is critical for the life of the home.  This is why we at Gutter Protek take the job of being the gutter installation company Long Island trusts very seriously.

When water is impeded by debris or not able to flow properly due to gutter damage, leaks, improper pitch, and a host of other problems, the liquid has nowhere to but back on the house.  Wood and prolonged exposure to water are generally not a good combination.  Warping and rotting can severely damage your roof, soffit, fascia and in some cases siding.  These repairs can be costly.

Also, we all know that a home’s foundation is perhaps the most important part,  Water that is not directed away from the base of the structure can lead to long term damage, sacrificing the integrity.

For these reasons and more, you need a gutter installation company, like Gutter Protek, to do the job right!

Our Six-Step Process

1. Your Home Needs New Gutters

2. Schedule your estimate

3. Meet with our Certified Consultant

4. Finalize scope of work and schedule

5. Install the product

6. Success!

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