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Gutter Protek is the gutter protection installation company that Long Island trusts.  Having served hundreds of local homeowners, we are positioned to offer the best options available for your home and budget. 

Whether you are looking to add gutter protection to new gutters or want to install them on an existing system, we can accommodate your needs.  The professional crew at Gutter Protek will measure the existing roofline, show you the available options, and install the filters.  All of our work is 100% guaranteed.  Not only will we make sure that you are satisfied, but the work and materials will be covered with a lifetime warranty. 

We are a gutter protection installation company that stands firmly behind our work.  Schedule an appointment today!

Why is Gutter Protection Important?

Gutter Protection goes far beyond the gutter system itself.  With all the beautiful foliage here on Long Island, debris can build up fast.  Even the most diligent of homeowners will have a difficult time keeping up with cleaning the gutters several times per year.

Consider these reasons to add gutter protection to your come.  First, your safety and convenience!  Unless you enjoy heights, climbing up on ladders to your rooftop is a risk.  Very few people enjoy the task of cleaning gutters.  It’s dirty, tiresome, and most of all, dangerous!  Second, debris in your gutters leads to damage.  For those homeowners who are not quite as diligent (you know who you are), a build-up of leaves can lead to a host of problems at the roofline and home’s foundation.

A gutter protection system through Gutter Protek will make this area of your home maintenance free and looking great.  This saves you time, money, and maybe a few Chiropractor bills.  That’s a win-win-win.

Our Six-Step Process

1. Your home needs gutter protection

2. Schedule your estimate online

3. Meet with our Certified Consultant

4. Finalize scope of work and schedule

5. Install the product

6. Success

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